About Us

Vector Finance is a Non Banking Finance Company (NBFC) registered with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). A private limited company, Vector Finance works as a micro-finance institution (MFI), providing loans to micro enterprises for income generation purposes. The company is also a member of Sa-Dhan, a Self-Regulatory Organisation for Microfinance Institutions.

Our endeavour is to enhance financial inclusion and we provide short term group loans to women in areas that are typically underserved. We work with eligibility principles laid down by industry bodies, and avoid situations of over-indebtedness. We facilitate doorstep service to our borrower, and work on collecting instalments for the loan through group meeting centres.

We operate in semi urban and rural areas, and help our customers build or expand their businesses. We provide loans on our books, and also work as a business correspondent to other financial institutions, helping provide a greater reach and an efficient disbursals and collections model.

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Empower 2 million families by 2024, by providing financial support
for their betterment.


Provide financial support to our borrowers in a simple, cost effective and compliant manner through a quality workforce.